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Updated: 12 min 23 sec ago

Liberal plan to raise basic personal income tax deduction to cost $21B over 5 years: PBO

2 hours 17 min ago

Increasing the basic personal income tax deduction to fulfil a Liberal campaign promise will cost taxpayers more than $21 billion over the next five years, says a report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Shopify plans to hire 1,000 workers and open a Vancouver office by year's end

2 hours 39 min ago

Shopify Inc. is bulking up its presence and workforce on Canada's West Coast with a plan to hire 1,000 people in Vancouver and open its first permanent office there.

N.S. lobster shipments to China drop 'dramatically' due to coronavirus

3 hours 59 min ago

The coronavirus is putting the brakes on Nova Scotia lobster sales and shipments to China, which is a crucial market for Nova Scotia lobster exporters.

Federal electric-car rebate uses nearly half its 3-year budget in 8 months

5 hours 18 min ago

Transport Minister Marc Garneau is thinking about expanding the government's rebate program for people who buy electric vehicles after eager car-buyers gobbled up nearly half the funds in just eight months.

Canadian companies feeling the pinch as coronavirus takes toll on their business prospects

6 hours 27 min ago

Canadian companies are starting to feel the pinch of the coronavirus epidemic as they call off trips and watch their stock value slide.

FDA tells maker of Purell to stop claiming product will help fight viral diseases

8 hours 6 min ago

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a sternly worded letter to the company that makes Purell hand sanitizer: stop claiming your product can help prevent viral diseases like influenza, Ebola and others.

U.K. will allow Huawei to play a role in building its 5G networks

10 hours 53 min ago

Britain's move to give Huawei a role in building its 5G networks leaves Canada as the only country in the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing network that hasn't made a decision on the Chinese telecom giant.

Canada, U.K. discussing how to pay for Prince Harry and Meghan's security costs: minister

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 13:05

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said Monday that the RCMP and security officials in the United Kingdom are in discussions over how best to protect Prince Harry and Meghan while they live here in Canada — and who will ultimately foot the bill for the security costs they may incur.

Freeland urges opposition parties to ratify new NAFTA deal swiftly

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 09:29

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is urging the opposition political parties to work together to pass the new NAFTA deal "without undue delay."

Stock markets slide lower as coronavirus fears spread

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 09:06

Stock markets fell on Monday morning as concerns over a new strain of coronavirus emanating out of China spread around the world, infecting major indexes with fears that the contagion could leave the global economy feeling ill.

Giant Canadian construction project incorporates low carbon heating and cooling: Don Pittis

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 01:00

Cooling Toronto's giant computer server farms will help keep residents warm as Enwave plans electric heat pumps for its low-carbon thermal technology.

Staff at nursing home giant Extendicare abused woman who died from dehydration, says report

Sun, 01/26/2020 - 17:00

Staff at one of the biggest nursing home chains in the country were found to have abused an elderly woman who died from dehydration and a urinary tract infection. Employees later said they were too overworked to deliver proper care, but the Alberta nursing home wasn’t fined.

'I was livid': Single mom hit with $32,000 bill to break furnace, air conditioner rental contract

Sun, 01/26/2020 - 01:00

Tracy Spence was outraged when Crown Crest Capital told her she'd have to pay $32,406 to buy out her rental contract for her air conditioner and furnace. After being contacted by CBC News, Crown Crest said there was an error and it offered Spence a better deal.

Ransomware attack on construction company raises questions about federal contracts

Sun, 01/26/2020 - 01:00

A construction company that’s won millions of dollars worth of contracts with the military and other federal departments has been hit by a ransomware attack, raising questions about how the federal government does businesses with outside firms open to cyber attacks.

Elite talent: The private school education of NHL All-Stars

Sat, 01/25/2020 - 01:00

Of the 37 North American players named to this year's NHL All star game or filling in as replacements, 15 — or 40 per cent — attended private school. It's a statistic that reinforces the notion that hockey, particularly at its very highest levels, is increasingly a sport not just for those who can afford it, but for those in the highest tax brackets.

Nestlé, world's biggest food company, taps Manitoba for plant proteins

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 08:41

Winnipeg is about to become home to a plant that will supply the world's largest food company with plant-based protein.

Lyft, Uber waste little time launching in Vancouver

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 08:35

Ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft have launched in Vancouver, less than 24 hours after being approved by the Passenger Transportation Board.

Greta Thunberg brushes off mockery from U.S. finance chief

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 08:06

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where tensions have been high between environmental advocates and U.S. officials lobbying for economic growth.

Alberta landowners urge farmers to cut power to wells with unpaid debts

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 07:15

A group of Alberta landowners is asking farmers and ranchers to fight back against unpaid debts and unreclaimed oil and gas wells by closing valves and cutting power to energy company sites.

Affordable legal cannabis should be priority as illegal pot prices drop, experts say

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 06:48

The gap between what Canadians pay for legal and illicit cannabis is widening — a sign experts say points to the need for the marijuana industry to make prices a priority this year.


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